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What's new on my home page?    

    Recent additions or changes to this site are listed here. Major changes, such as completed projects, write-ups, or trip reports are in magenta. If you would like to be notified when major updates are made to this web site, join my personal Yahoo Group. Minor changes to the site are listed in green. Projects which are planned or currently under construction are here.

2012 Additions

There will be updates this year! I've updated the link to my work site and am planning to begin revising the site's design to use more modern html coding practices. This will be a work in progress. 

2011 Additions

Sadly, there were no updates this year either.

2010 Additions

There were no updates this year, although I did move the site to a new server.

2009 Additions

        07/19/09        Posted Part III (Rest day in Great Sand Dunes) of the Crestone Peak Trip Report from May 2007.

        07/10/09        Posted a photo gallery of some spectacular ski scenery at Telluride. I went skiing there with Michael Campbell on March 23, 2009.

        06/11/09        Posted four skiing videos from Winter Park. I went skiing there with Alison Ordelheide and Mike Michaelson on April 12, 2009.

        01/08/09        Posted Part II (Summit Day) of Crestone Peak Trip Report from May 2007.

        01/08/09        Updated 'My Library' Section to include 4 more books that I've read.

2008 Additions

        09/14/08        Updated my running pages with new PRs and FKTs for the last several months.  

        09/13/08        Updated 'My Library' Section to include 4 more books that I've read.

        07/06/08        Updated my running pages with new PRs and FKTs for the last several months.  

        06/24/08        Updated the Pikes Peak Weather Page to include Web Cam links and a link to the new summit weather station.

        02/20/08        Posted a new edit (with music) of my 80 mph skiing video from Feb 26, 2006.

        02/03/08        Updated 'My Library' Section to include 20 more books that I've read.

        01/29/08        Posted a humorous short video taken on the summit of Bear Peak, Nov 27, 2004.

        01/20/08        New blog entry on quotes from the movie 'Sneakers'.

        01/19/08        Added a new section of poetry I've written (currently just one poem).


2007 Additions

          12/17/07         Pictures from my recent Crested Butte ski adventure have been posted.

          09/24/07         I updated My Library section with nearly all of the books in the Colorado branch of my personal library.

          09/17/07         I climbed Longs Peak yesterday and have just posted a lengthy trip report about the experience.

          08/22/07         This is somewhat work related, but I've always wanted to have my own list of intense Atlantic hurricanes which I could update in real time when significant storms come along. My dream has reached fruition - click here to see my 'hall of greats'.

          08/07/07         I finally got the Site Map updated to match the new thematic hub organization. I've added an index of video content.

          08/01/07         Updated the 'My Library' section (previously 'reading list').

          07/19/07         On July 15, 2007 I ran the Barr Trail Mountain Race. I've written an article about the overall race and plan to write up my personal race report soon.

          01/16/07        As you can probably tell, the site has been through a major reorganization. Users were telling me they couldn't find what they were looking for, so I've reorganized the site into a spoke-and-hub system. Clicking on any of the main hubs will take you to that section of the site, from which you can branch out to all related content.

          01/14/07        Another year, another war? Is the U.S. already on a path towards war with Iran by this April? Check out my take on the current situation.

2006 Additions

          12/29/06        Another big snowstorm has hit Colorado. I've kept a blog entry to track the storm - I've posted pictures and reports from the storm and its aftermath. Final update with new pictures posted as of 01/04/07.

          12/27/06        A fantastic snowdump hit Colorado over the holidays, with 19.7" here in Fort Collins. To see how this compares to other historic Fort Collins snowstorms, I've compiled a list of notable Fort Collins snowstorms and posted it in the weather section of my blog.

          12/17/06        I've recently taken quite an interest in learning more about personality. I'm starting a 'More About Me' page which will provide some more information about my personality, passions, and interests.

          11/29/06        I've reorganized my blog and made a few updates to the 'My Thoughts' section. In particular, I've added a lot of links and resources about climate change.

          10/10/06        I set new PR's for 3, 4, and 5 miles, as well as the 10K distance. Click here for the times.

          10/09/06        I revamped and updated this site's Links Pages (includes new links about nuclear weapons and proliferation) and also made some updates on the Transit Pages, especially the Maglev Page.

          10/08/06        Dan Turk and I set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the round-trip Towers Road route, see the FKT Project Page.

          09/26/06        I smashed the FKT for the descent of the North Summit of Horsetooth Rock. For the details, see the FKT Project Page.      

          08/15/06        I've posted a race report (includes pictures) of my 2006 Barr Trail Mountain Race (July 16, 2006).

          08/13/06        I did some major cleaning up to make things more 'user friendly' - I reorganized the site's homepage, revamped the hiking page, and moved the 50 State Highpoints to its own section. Finally, I created a crosscutting thematic index by content type on the Site Map. This should make it much easier to find things by content type. 

          06/08/06        I've posted an entry in the geopolitical section of my blog, entitled "Iran, the Bomb, and America's Options"

          05/20/06        I've created a new section on the personal section of my page - My Faith.

          04/18/06        My Spring training has been going exceptionally well - I've broken 3 different PR's this week!

          03/09/06        I have posted a 08m55s video of my Feb 26, 2006 high speed ski descent (max speed ~80 mph) of nearly the entire Steamboat Ski Area.

2005 Additions

          12/12/05        I've finally gotten the 'Site Map' up to par. There are still some sub areas yet to link in, but it is much better than it used to be.

          10/04/05        Two new entries have been added to my blog. One is a short photo gallery of a recent bike ride, and the other entry is about an exciting run that I had today.

          05/22/05        I'm excited to announce a Mountain Weather Page with information on Longs Peak, Pikes Peak, and Mount Rainier.

          05/09/05        I ran the Fort Collins Old Town Half Marathon on May 8, 2005. Click here to see my detailed race report.

          05/04/05        This site has become quite large, so I've created a site map to organize all the sections.

          02/23/05        I recently went skiing with my fellow AT707 classmates. Click here to see pictures and data taken that day.

          02/20/05        I've updated my Colorado Wind Watch page and added a page about downslope windstorms.

          02/11/05        Usage statistics for this web page are now available!

          01/30/05        I have installed the FrontPage Server Extensions for Unix on my web server! For more information, click here.

          01/26/05        I've added photo galleries of last weekend's ACF events, including Danforth church service, a potluck, and the CSU Challenge Course.

          01/16/05         I added an 'About this site' page to give some technical details and history of this web site.

2004 Additions

 12/20/04         Check out my personal newsletter. This is a page specifically about my life: what I've been doing, where I've been, etc.

         12/20/04         I'm starting a personal blog of miscellanea to write about all the interesting tidbits that life throws my way.

         12/14/04         Added a Longs Peak web cam loop (images courtesy of Rocky Mountain National Park).

         12/06/04         Besides updates to my running PR's and a few other things, I also updated the 'My Travels' and State Highpoints sections.

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