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Site Map

This page last updated July 15, 2009

Not sure what to look at? This site map summarizes the various content of my home page. First is a quick thematic index to some of the more interesting content like trip reports and photo galleries. Following is a much more detailed hierarchical site map.

Cross-cutting Thematic Index (organized by content type)

Hierarchical Site Map (mirrors top navigation bar)

Note that not all subsection pages are linked from here -- some subsections like my running pages are pretty extensive.

  •  About this Website   This section contains information about this site and it's history as well as some miscellaneous items  

    •  What's New          Finished trip reports and projects will be noted here   

    •  Current and Future Projects   Find out what future trip reports and projects are in the works - due to time constraints and excessive ambition, this site is a perpetual construction zone

    •  Sign Up for Updates        Sign up to get an e-mail when this site is updated

    •  Site Map                         (this page)

    •  Index of All Trip Reports    If you're looking specifically for trip reports, this is the place to start!

    •  Index of All Photo Galleries

    •  Index of All Video Content

    •  Usage Statistics              Find what content has been most popular with visitors to this site. Check out all the different countries!

    •  Disclaimer Statement     Various disclaimers apply to this site and the data contained herein, as well as usage rights for photos.






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