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The World Wide Web: Selected Links

The World Wide Web is a massive network of web sites which are all linked to one another in some way. My homepage contains on the order of a thousand external links to other parts of the World Wide Web - in a way, this web site is my 'online bookmark' to the rest of the web. On this page, I link to a few of the other sites I maintain. I've also included an assortment of external links which I have found interesting at one time or another. If you're really bored, you might find something which interests you here.

Other Web Sites I Administer

bullet     My work web site (my research, publications, and hurricane model guidance plots) bulletWork Bookmarks Page                 Contains work-related links, including lots of links about hurricanes, weather, and modeling                  The web site of Adventist Christian Fellowship at Colorado State University horizontal rule

Thematic Collections of Links

News and Media Links     Need to find out what's going on in the world? Try some of the sites here.

Nuclear Weapons Links   Find out about the history of nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, and see pictures of tests.

Map and Geography Links    I really enjoy geography and maps, so here are some related sites.

Disaster Links                   Information and links about current and past natural disasters


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Entertainment Links

bulletWhat's on TV Tonight? bulletWhat's playing in the Fort Collins Theaters?

Seneca Links

bulletSeneca Nation of Indians    This is the official web page of the Seneca Nation of Indians, of which I am an enrolled member bulletSeneca Niagara Falls Gaming Corporation    My tribe now operates a casino in Niagara Falls and Salamanca, NY  

Travel Links

bulletI-70 Solutions    Like many Coloradoans, I've spent my share of time sitting in ski traffic on I-70 - here's a site about solutions    Find out which airplane seats are good and which are not     This site tries to predict the future prices of airline tickets - could be very useful if it works. bullet RandMcNally Directions    Get directions or plan a trip.    Track the lowest airfares in time to see if they are going up or down

Consumer Links

bulletBest Places to Live      Compare two cities for cost of living, air quality, crime, etc. bulletBank Rankings from Bauer Financial    Find out if you're bank might be one of the thousand or so banks that might go under in the next 3-4 years              Find out and compare digital cameras    This site has some great reviews about PC hardware, like this interesting article about an overclocked $130 processor that beats processors costing $1000+ bullet Find the Right Health Insurance for You bulletHybrid Cars of 2005    Check out the new hybrid cars that came out in 2005         Find out the gas mileage of various cars (hint: it's probably lower than what's advertised on the window sticker     

Humor Links

bulletThe Dialectizer    Translate web pages into Redneck, Jive, Pig Latin, etc. -- this is hilarious bullet Citizen's Self-Arrest Form   Have you committed a crime?  You can take care of it here!

Health Links

bulletCold and Flu Survival Guide from WebMD    Got a cold -- there is some good information, especially the article about prevention. bulletThe Glycemic Index      Are you ravenously hungry by 10 AM, despite eating breakfast - it might be because you ate a high glycemic breakfast.

Science and Education Links

bulletThe Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math bulletOnline Aerodynamics Text bulletOnline Aviation Formulary    Handy Great Circle navigation formulae - just in case you happen to be traveling on a non-flat planet bulletThe Solar Analemma    Did you ever wonder why the shortest day of the year has neither the latest sunrise or the earliest sunset? The fact that the earth's orbit is eccentric rather than circular produces some interesting variations


Unclassified links:    Here's a good site to check when you get an e-mail that seems a bit too unbelievable

Rapture Index from Rapture Ready -- Note, I don't believe in a secret rapture, a popular evangelical belief -- I instead subscribe to the Second Coming type of rapture

Destructive Cult Information    The Rick Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups, and Movements




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