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Welcome to Jonathan Vigh's Personal Home Page

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Trip Report from Skiing at Telluride  (March 23, 2009)    Posted July 21, 2009

Site Introduction

This site is organized into 5 thematic hubs where you can learn about more about me and my adventures.

Main Sections

There are several other sections which cover some of my interests:

And finally:

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Most Recent Multimedia Content: Solo Backpacking Trip to Signal Mountain and Stormy Peaks Pass, August 28-29, 2009    Posted August 29, 2009

This is mini trip report of a solo backpacking trip I took to Signal Mountain and Stormy Peaks Pass on August 28-29, 2009. There were several surprises, and the pictures turned out quite amazing. It was a very nice time to enjoy the end of summer and have time for personal reflection. To view the trip report, go here.  

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