2007 Highlights

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2007 Highlights

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2007 Highlights

    10/30/07    Well, I'm on a roll this month! Today I broke the open Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Horsetooth Rock descent (0:15:23) and round-trip (0:43:36)! The descent time had stood since 1981!

    10/21/07    Today I won my first race ever! After being in 2nd place from miles 6 through 14 of the Wellsville Ridgewalk 14-mile trail race, I regained the lead with less than half a mile to go and came in first place! I've written up a race report (with pictures).

    10/18/07    During a short trip to NY, I took advantage of the increased oxygen and broke my 5K PR by over a minute, with a time of 0:19:17. I broke PRs for all distances from 2 miles to the 10K!

    10/16/07    During a run (1 mile easy/1 mile hard) I managed to break my 10K PR with a time of 0:42:29.

    10/11/07    Today I broke my half marathon PR with a time of 1:33:42. My old time of 1:34:36 was set during the first half of the 2007 Colorado Marathon.

    10/07/07    Today I set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Blue Sky Double (20.8 miles, 2700 feet of vertical). My time was 3:00:05. The previous FKT of 3:03:54 had been set by Dan Turk on 09/26/06.

    10/01/07    Time trial season is in full force - today I smashed my 10 mile PR by two and half minutes with a time of 1:08:43 (old PR of 1:11:13 was on the first 10 miles of the Colorado Marathon, a downhill course). I also broke PR's for 5, 7, and 8 miles with respective times of 0:34:02, 0:47:50, and 0:54:44!

    09/27/07    Today Steve Saleeby and I time trialed Coyote Ridge. Steve set the new FKT with 0:48:12 and I broke my previous PR by nearly 7 min with a time of 0:51:57 (old PR was 0:58:37 set on 01/06/06).

    09/09/07    After taking several weeks of recovery and rest from Pikes Peak, I ran a time trial of the Soderberg/Mill Creek/Towers Road route (short loop). I broke my PR by nearly 9 minutes, running a time of 1:15:56, averaging 8:31 min/mile over the hilly course.

    08/19/07    Today I ran the Pikes Peak Marathon for the fifth time, finishing in 5:15:38. Although my race didn't go as well as I would have hoped, I learned a tremendous amount and ran my 2nd fastest time on the mountain. I've written up a race report.

    08/09/07   Today I bested my lifetime 1-mile PR during the Mountain Avenue Mile!!! Read my race report here.

   08/07/07    Today I ran my fastest 1/2 mile repeat up AND down Centennial Drive, which has a ~200 foot vertical gain. Up in 3:46 (7:32 min/mile pace), down in 2:17 (4:35 min/mile pace).

   08/05/07    Today I ran my fastest downhill 7 miles: 42:31 (!) This was coming down the bottom 7 miles of Old Fall River Road - each mile drops ~320 - 400 feet.

    07/15/07    I won 5th in my age group at the Barr Trail Mountain Race today! My time was 2:02:27. I wrote an article about the overall race, but my personal race report isn't done yet.

    07/12/07   I was interviewed about trail running in a very short article in NextNC.com: Trail Running: Time to Enjoy the Scenery by Erin Frustaci  

    07/04/07   Today I ran my first 5K - the FireKracker 5K. My time was 0:20:28 - not bad considering I had just finished running/hiking 4 14'ers in the 3 days before the race.

    06/17/07    During the first ever FortCollinsTrailRunners Downhill Time Trial, I ran Towers Road in 18:20, taking out my fast time from last week. I averaged a 5:21 min/mile pace for the 3.43 miles, which was my fastest 3 mile time ever! I ran the first mile at a 5:13 pace! Dan Turk passed me in the last mile, running an incredible 18:14 and establishing the new descent FKT. This pace is the equivalent of a 16:35 5K!

    06/14/07    Today Dan Turk and I broke the Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the descent of Towers Road. We ran the 3.4 miles in 0:18:55, taking nearly 3 minutes off the old time of 0:21:44!

    06/10/07    I ran the 2007 Horsetooth Mtn Trail Race today in 1:07:43.47. The course was a little longer than last year, but I managed to take a bit over a minute off of last year's time. I didn't run a PR however, but managed 1st place in my age group (after the overall winner was skimmed out).

    06/01/07    Today during a run with Dan Turk, I broke my PR for the Horsetooth Mountain Trail Race route. My old time of 1:08:06 was set back during the 2005 race. Today's time of 1:07:02 follows the slightly longer 'gate-to-gate' course which is about 36-40 sec longer than the race route.

    05/22/07    During a run with Steve Saleeby, I broke a PR for the short Mill Creek loop (8.9 miles, 1900 vertical). This also established a new FKT for this new route (1:24:27). The old time of 1:25:52 was a straw man time I had put up from last summer.

    05/06/07    I ran the Colorado Marathon in 3:15:21, taking another 18 minutes off my marathon PR!  In the process, I also broke my distance PR's for 10 miles, 13.1 miles, 15 miles, 18 miles, 20 miles, and 22 miles. For a full race report, click here.

    04/20/07    Today I broke my 10-mile PR by over a minute, with a time of 1:13:46. My old PR of 1:14:58 was set during the 2005 Old Town Half Marathon on 05/08/05.

    04/01/07    Today I did a full marathon distance training run down the Poudre River Canyon, taking 3:33:42. This lowered my marathon by more than an hour and a half (from 5:08:31 in the 2006 Pikes Peak Marathon)! 



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