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Sky Watcher for President

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Sky Watcher for President 2008

Sky Watcher is the Native American name of Jonathan Vigh, a Seneca Indian who currently lives in Colorado. After becoming frustrated with the corruption and special interest peddling in national politics, I decided to get involved in the solution. Here is my platform for my run for US President. 

No, I'm not actually running for President (although if things keep getting worse, I could consider running, maybe 2012, 2016, 2020, who knows). I do however, feel that the candidates chosen by each political party suffer from a dearth of fresh ideas. 

Here is the platform that I would run on: 


Fiscal Policy bullet

Works towards a sustainable and healthy economy which yields benefits to all bullet

Eliminate federal budget deficits by restraining spending until it comes in line with government income bullet

Repeal many of the unsustainable Bush tax cuts, including the partial estate tax cut and the dividend tax cut, and other cuts involving questionable deductions bullet

When the deficit has been zeroed out, and we are making progress on other problems, direct excess revenues to paying down the national debt bullet

Reform and simplify the tax code, first by streamlining individual income tax procedures, later by replacing the individual income tax by a combination of consumption and energy taxes


Security Policy bullet

Restore and protect basic freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution including the writ of habeous corpus bullet

Enforce current immigration law and clarify the rights of non-citizens and illegal aliens as they relate to immigration bullet

Secure our borders, ports, and transportation systems using effective and nonintrusive measures bullet

Maintain a strong and vigilant intelligence community that operates under strict ethical guidelines bullet

Clearly and honestly communicate with the American public in all my administration's dealings bullet

Reduce terrorism by not creating enemies through effective and fair National Defense and Foreign policies


Defense Policy bullet

Reduce and eventually eliminate the occupation of foreign countries by US troops bullet

Maintain a "no first use" policy on nuclear weapons bullet

Determine America's defense posture to other countries based on fundamental and fair principles


Energy Policy bullet

Lead America to energy independence by: bullet

increasing our national energy efficiency through powerful economic incentives, mandatory regulation, and new transportation technologies bullet

increasing the use of renewable energy sources (hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass) bullet

allow the development of domestic energy sources including oil, natural gas, and coal in an environmentally sustainable fashion bullet

increasing the use of clean coal technology which sequesters CO2 bullet

increasing the use of safe nuclear energy power bullet

Develop a public-private 'Manhattan Program' to develop and implement renewable and alternative energy sources, including research towards a 'Hydrogen economy'



Environmental Policy bullet

Strengthen the 'Clean Air Act' until our air is really clean bullet

Set tough standards on drinking water bullet

Develop a national Greenhouse gas emissions policy driven by the best climate science, not International pressure and protocols bullet

Protect wildlife and sensitive eco-systems


Foreign Policy bullet

Treat other countries as we would hope they would treat us: The Golden Rule bullet

Set our policies towards other countries based on principles of fairness and principle bullet

Stop allowing our geopolitical interests (like reliance on imported oil) from causing us to befriend countries which abuse human rights bullet

Encourage the proliferation of human rights, freedom, and democracy through effective diplomacy and support programs (rather than through invasions) bullet

Improve the lives of people worldwide through effective aid programs


Transportation Policy bullet

Maintain and improve the nation's transportation infrastructure including highways and air travel bullet

Start building a new national Maglev network to replace our failing passenger rail system bullet

Build innovative new transport modes for urban transport such as Personal Rapid Transit


Social Policy bullet

Stop stealing from the Social Security Trust Fund bullet

Keep health care costs affordable bullet

Make sure that future generations aren't burdened by our mistakes

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