Mount Lincoln

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Mount Lincoln

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Mount Lincoln

El. 14,286 ft


July 11, 2004

Fellow Adventurers: Eric and Todd

Photo caption.

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About the Mountain

This is a short summary trip report for our training run up Mount Lincoln (and for some of us, Democrat and Bross).

    Located in the ?? range ... previous climbs (and/or reports), interesting facts. Summarize the trip (backpack vs. day hike, training vs. social hike vs. serious mountaineering)

Give highlights?



    We left Boulder about 5:45 AM and got to Alma around 8:30 AM. After about 20 minutes of preparation (lathering on sun screen, etc.), we started running a bit before 9 AM. Starting at the stop sign across from the store on CO-9 (El. 10,580 ft), we took off in a run for the mountains. The first 6 miles was on the relatively flat (only a 1400 ft gain) Kite Lake road (dirt).

    This peak . . .  interesting facts about the trip down and/or backpack in, camping, etc.



    Details of the climb (if starting from backpacking)


Summit Experience

    Time on top, 14'er #, weather, interesting features, interesting people.

To get the full immersive experience, I've prepared a 360 degree panorama:

[Panoramic photo]

W                                          N                                     E                                      S

Click on the panorama to see the full size [size Kb].

Or you can view it interactively using this panorama viewer [size Mb -- warning, this will take a while to load on a modem connection].

If you have trouble viewing this file, you can also download this executable, save it to your desktop, then double-click on it to view the panorama. The executable file contains a viewer that should work regardless of your web browser.


    From left to right, the main features are:

1. blah blah valley

    [ Group Photo]

[ Crazy shot ]

[ Views of other peaks ]

Traverse to next peak

I took a couple video clips which may be viewed using Windows Media Player. If using a modem, the broadband version will take very long, so a reduced-quality dial-up version is available:

    Clip 1: Broadband [size Mb] or Dial-up [size Kb]

        These files are in Windows Media Player format, so they should load automatically if you're on a Windows computer. There is no sound (in case you were expecting some).





  From Alma to Kite Lake is 6 miles (and 1400 vertical ft) (I'll check mapping software, as it seemed like it might be more like 5 miles). Then the regular route just to Lincoln and back is an extra 5.4 miles and 2600 vertical feet according to Gerry Roach's book. If these distances and mileages are accurate, then the total excursion just to Lincoln would be 17.4 miles and 4000 vertical feet. Eric did all three mountains, which (according to the book), should add another 1.6 miles and 1000 vertical feet. Todd did Lincoln and Bross, while I did Lincoln and most of Bross.

Jonathan Splits:

    Alma (El. 10,580 ft) -> Kite Lake (El. 12,000 ft, 6 miles)    1:11:23

    at Kite Lake                                                                  0:06:07

    Kite Lake -> 13,000 feet                                                 0:28:54

    13,000 feet -> Top of Lincoln                                          0:57:11

    at top of Lincoln                                                            0:10:12

    top of Lincoln -> Kite Lake                                             1:04:49

    Kite Lake -> Alma                                                          0:54:20



Option sections - history of peak, wildlife, route info and alternates, map, gear, food

Might try to include feelings, sounds, smells - other thoughts about life and mountains, goals, etc.


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